The Clock

The clock
The clock has been ticking
A bit quicker of late
The reason is even sicker
As dogma has a date

It’s no mystery, they call it destiny
As we edge ever closer to extinction
The great suicide
Let the lemmings decide

By our own hands
So powerful
By our own minds
So quick
But watch it closely
You might miss a trick
Tick tock
Deals brought their compliance
They cited their puppet
Give me guns
Give me rockets
Give me jets
Give me everything I haven’t yet
He squeals
Tick tock tick tock
It seems a bit louder now

It’s alright everybody
None of our people are harmed
As we are exceptional
We are charmed
Tick tock
All this fuels the power of dogma
As reason leaves the stage (in a rage)
It feeds the arrogance
And deepens the ignorance
Of consequence
Hurded into us and them
Like sheep to a pen
Tick tock tick tock
The most deadly animal is wounded
It was a king it ruled the world
It had eyes everywhere
It had spy’s everywhere
When you shit
It knows what you ate
And who’s your best mate
Tick tock tick tock
But it’s wounds are deep
No blood no scars
But in its head
From ear to ear
There’s a rear
A creeping anxiety
That it’s loosing it
Loosing it all
Tick tock tick tock
A delusion is taking control
The delusion of exceptionalism
It pervades and corrupts it’s culture
With super hero’s with special powers
And graphic violence to order

It’s bridges collapse
Becoming evermore isolated
Now bullying enfeebled Europeans
To be it’s only friends
Tick tock tick tock
The country doesn’t do history
It might make some
But can’t learn from it
Tick tick tick
Bullies like their reputation
To go before
As it eases negotiations
And opens doors
Tick tick tick
Arms factories switch to full power
Seeing profit in every shower of metal
Tick tick
Money ever tighter
Food ever scarcer
Weather even hotter
Weather even wetter
Storms clouds growing higher
Some winds gonna blow
Tick tick
Still the people come
You can call them migrants
You can call them refugees
Their blood same colour as mine
They could be you
They could be me
Tick tick tick
The deadly one rears up
Demanding what is his
That you all fall down
To his feet to kiss
He cares not
What you think
He cares not
What you feel
So isolated it consumes
Each and every one ,by one by one by one by one
I’m gonna smash that fucking clock !
It wants a war, to stay top dog
Every dog has its day
Everyday turns to night
Who’s left
To switch on the light.

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