• Born in 1954, Croydon, Surrey
  • Lives in Lincolnshire with his wife Lorna and their cat
  • Was backward at school , didn’t thrive still has problems with numeracy
  • Was only any good at arty things at school
  • Left home and started to educate himself,with a dictionary and ‘ology’ books.
  • Always wanted to be an artist, selling his first painting for £5, (it was a fortune to him)
  • Ended up working in a psychiatric hospital,(man in a white coat) eventually ending up as a nurse therapist (therapy groups) in a day hospital
  • Is happy to say he is retired
  • Devotes all his time to developing his artistic range,that is 2D to 3D painting and some sculpture
  • A member of Lincolnshire Artists Society and exhibits with them some times.
  • Without Lorna he says there woldn’t be any art


  • Borne Hall Ewell one mixed one solo
  • Birds nest gallery Totnes one solo
  • Sam scorer Lincoln three mixed two solo shows
  • 2021 Scunthorpe two mixed one solo section
  • The X Church Gainsborough three mixed one solo show
  • St Martins Lincoln one mixed
  • Usher Lincoln four or five mixed shows,
  • Showing space silver street Lincoln one mixed three solo shows
  • Bad Ganderheim Germany one solo show
  • The Embassy Theatre, Skegness, one solo show – extended

In His Own Words

I was in the bottom stream throughout school and ‘remainded’ at 13 (put back a year) into a holding class, where teachers just came and did their marking.

The following year I returned to normal schooling but further behind everyone else.

At school the only thing I was good at was art. I wanted to do A level art but they said I wouldn’t understand it or the concepts,but was a competent drawer.

My family was breaking up so had to find work with accommodation and ended up in the caring profession – they provided accommodation.

When I left home I started to educate myself at night – it was a dictionary in one hand and an ‘ology’ in the other – by that it was psychology, psychiatry, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and art books.

I sold my first painting when I was 15 years-old, for £5, you could get drunk on that then ,but I didn’t. I found that art and psychiatry don’t go that well together. If you want to create, I found, the two things were pulling against each other!

When I had to take early retirement, my art improved and evolved into what it is now fairly individual.

I’ve always had a strong sense of right and wrong, and a moral compass.

The experience of hearing so many accounts of life from victims (it was my job)but it did affect me and shapes my perception.

My first exhibition was at Borne hall Ewell ,and a precious memory for me. It was an open show and there were two Art schools in the area. I handed over 5 coloured ink drawings and walked along to see some of the other works.

Lorna and I watched them hand over my works to others who were hanging and selecting, they took a few down and hung mine in a line across the middle,a man came across from the side asking whose are these? it’s that bloke over there with the beard, who is he what college?

The following day we went along to collect all that’s rejected, only to be told by the curator, “Congratulations Mr Lewinton, all of your works are accepted, what collage are you at?”

I replied, “I’m not, I’m at West Park hospital ,I’m one of the staff.”

“Oh good for you , your the only one with all five accepted,” the curator congratulated.

I have to tell you I was as high as a kite.