It’s Dark, It’s Light, It’s Politics

Water colour, ink, acrylics on news print on canvas
30 ins by 20 ins

This is a disguised protest painting about the RAINBOW.

It belongs to everybody.

The sexual minority groups have taken the rainbow as their own. Yes, they need a flag and it must be said that it represents them exceedingly well.

But it’s now difficult to use a rainbow in a modern painting without the other connotations. This is the political mix at the time of painting:

  • Yellow (Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Blue  (Conservative Party)
  • Green (Green Party)
  • Purple (United Kingdom Independence Party)
  • Red  (Labour Party)

The background is made from articles of a political and moral nature – to do with social well-being in our society.

It’s Dark, It’s Light, It’s Politics is all a matter of how you look at things, and how light splits into these.

The pattern is called Barcelo or is reminiscent of that weaving pattern. I didn’t know that, but that’s what a visitor said and I trust them.

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